The "Hate America First" Crowd

Many conservatives today speak of the "Hate America First" crowd: those who will side with terrorists before their fellow citizens, those who are critical of America's military protection despite the fact that they benefit from it, those who oppose us on foreign policy no matter who is on the other side, and so on.

Nevertheless, if you ask these same people if they would rather leave this evil place, the answer is a clear "No." They say that they love America.

Is there a disconnect here? Are conservatives mis-labeling liberals? Hardly. The key is in realizing that one rarely hears what liberals love about America. But first, let us examine what they clearly hate about it:

Liberals hate America for the men whose ideas gave birth to our nation. Their sins were too great, despite the fact that they set forth a system which people around the world have died attempting to reach. [1]

Liberals hate America for its history, too tainted by slavery and relative uniformity of religious belief. They hate her for her morally conservative, Judeo-Christian roots.

Liberals hate America for her strength and size, and desire to protect herself from wanton acts of destruction. Hypocritically, they will grieve over Iraq and protest Bush but they--women in particular--would never move to a place like Saudi Arabia. I heard no environmentalist protesting Islam because of the pollution caused by the 9/11 attacks. If liberals want us to win the war on terror, they are keeping it a secret.

Lastly, they hate America for its economic system, which features too much freedom and diversity. A forced system of redistribution of wealth would be preferable to them, despite the fact that such systems always lead to relative poverty.

So what runs through their minds when they are asked if they love America? Two things:

They love license…the raw freedom to seek pleasure in as many ways as possible, particularly in areas of sexuality. Consider the vigor with which they prosecute their war against all who see sex as a sacred thing with some boundaries around it. Liberals are clearly the ones who seek to remove as many of the traditional penalties of pleasure seeking as possible. It is they who favor distributing clean needles to addicts, condoms to everyone, and responsibility to no one. [2]

Second, in America, they have the freedom to protest. They have the freedom to destroy the traditions that once gave meaning to life, to break apart the institutions that once gave cohesion to society, and to erase from our collective memory the ideas that gave birth to the very freedom they now take advantage of.

Yes, they "love" America. No, calling them the "Hate America First" crowd is not inaccurate. Beware, as a nation can only withstand a certain amount of loathing from within before decline and collapse come about.


[1] One cannot reiterate too often the hypocritical fact that liberals are moral relativists, yet they refuse to judge the slave-owning Founding Fathers relativistically.

[2] Don't you find it odd (particularly if you do not properly understand conservatism) that women are more liberal than men, yet it is chiefly conservative men who oppose pornography? A search of the National Organization for Women's website turned up no articles voicing strong opposition to pornography. It did turn up two mentions of conservative men voicing opposition to it: Jerry Falwell and Ralph Reed. Both are hated by NOW.